History of Faucett Reunions

It’s always a topic of conservation at our family reunions as to when and where our first organized reunion occurred. Through our research we have found the photo below which gives us a good indication as to the answer to our reunion puzzle.

The first Faucett reunion was the idea of Pete (Leonard) Faucett (son of Riley and Mirinda Faucett). He shared his idea with his brother Henry Faucett, and the two of them along with their sister Gladys got it started. Because Henry and Arlene lived in Tulare, CA. and there was a large park near Henry’s home, so Pete and Henry decided to hold the first annual Faucett Reunion in Tulare, CA. Henry offered to coordinate many of the local details, while Pete took the lead on the day’s events at the reunion, as well as contacting many of the family members. Largely the reunion was attended by the siblings and their families.

The photo below is the oldest picture we have found on record. It reveals several key pieces of information which helps answer the question, “When and Where?”

Through our research we have found the following clues:

-All reunions have been the weekend before Father’s day (June)
-It verifies it was held at the Veterans Memorial Park in Tulare, CA.
-Marinda (Faucett) Seay is in the picture, she died in Oct 1979, so we know this reunion was before June 1979 or earlier.
-Henry and Arlene are in the picture. Arlene only attended a reunion after her and Henry were married. They were married in September 1976. Thus June 1976 is excluded.
-Larry and Jeanne Faucett are in the picture. Jeanne only attended a reunion after her and Larry were married. They were married in July 1976. They were living in their first home right after they were married (July 1976) when they attended their first reunion.
-They only lived in in that house for 1 year (almost to the day) (July 1977).

Conclusion: The reunion in this photo in June of 1977.

Miscellaneous Information:
1978 reunion was also held at the Veteran Memorial Park in Tulare, CA.
1979-1981 reunions were held Mooney Grove Park in Visalia, CA.
1982 it was held in Waterford, CA.
1983 in Delano, CA., 1984 in Castro Valley, CA.
1985-1999 at the Cove Park, Bass Lake, CA.
2000 to 2011 at North Folk, CA.
2012 at the Cove Park, Bass Lake, CA.

We welcome any additional information AND PHOTOS that any family member may have about any of the Faucett reunions.

Faucett Family Reunion 1977
Photo provided by Norman Faucett of Visalia, California

A second Faucett reunion started by the siblings (11 of them) of Richard B. Faucett in 1992 after the brothers and sisters (9 still living) attended their sister’s (Mary) funeral and decided it was time to see more of each other. This quickly grew to an annual event with extended family invited over the years. Because all the siblings are located now all across the nation, the attendees at this reunion are largely from all across the nation and to accommodate all the siblings, they have agreed to move their reunion to different locations throughout America from year to year.

Both reunions are ran differently, i.e. The Thomas Riley reunion has always been in California, most recently in North Fork and Bass Lake and is usually a 1 day event. The Richard B. Faucet reunion moves to different locations every year across the country and usually a 3-4 day event.

Each year there are now two Faucett Reunions. Both reunions are open to any Faucett family member. Information about each reunion can be found on this website or by being a member of the Facebook Faucett Family group.

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