Faucett Origin

Just a little history of what we have found so far and where we are to date.

We have sucessfully traced my Faucett Family (Gary Lee Faucett) ancestrial branch back as far as the early 1600’s to my great grandfather x7.  On the family tree located on www.ancestry.com you will learn as much as we know about our ancestors.

We begin to know much more about our ancestors beginning with Thomas S. Faucett born January 3, 1824 in Orange County, North Carolina. While in North Carolina he married his first wife Caroline M. Pratt at the age of twenty-two. Which we have a copy of the original Marriage Bond. To date we have not been able to find out what happened to Caroline M. Pratt, or to the three children born between Thomas Samuel and Caroline M. Pratt.

Thomas next appears on record at Atkins, AR. where he jointly bought 40 acres of land in 1857. After this the next time we found his name is on a marriage license between his second wife Amanda Caroline Bell in 1866 at the age of forty-two. We also have an original copy of that recorded marriage. Unfortunately, the exact month and day was not recorded. Bell is not Amanda’s maiden name, as she was previously married. We do not know as of yet what her maiden name was or who her parents were. An 1870 census records Amanda as being from Tennessee. We do not believe Thomas Samuel met Caroline on his way from N.C. to Atkins Arkansas. In the Federal census for Arkansas of 1870 we next find Thomas Samuel with Amanda and four children. The Census actually says Thomas G. Faucett. We know this to be in error, as this Thomas G’s wife is Amanda and two of the four children listed we know to be our direct ancestors. One of the children named is our fore father Benjamin Henry. In our research in Pope County Arkansas, we find Thomas S. Faucett name many times as he was a Justice of the Peace in Atkins, AR. The final record of Thomas is his death on February 3, 1880, he was 56 years old. He was buried in Atkins, AR. at the Atkins Cemetery, where is his headstone is engraved with Thomas S. Faucett along with his wife Amanda C. Bell and his son Edward T. Faucett who died of a gunshot wound at the age of twenty-five.

You can find out more about Thomas Samuel by looking at the first generation of the Register Report on this website.

We also have found out the Benjamin had one other son that Benjamin’s sons and daughter did not know they had. His name was Edward C. Faucett. Edward died at only 18 months old. We do not know the cause.

We want to thank Henry Franklin Faucett (Dad to us), Leonard Elmo Faucett (Uncle Pete to us), Norman Richard Faucett (Uncle Norman to us, Gube to many others), my 2nd cousin Diana Crites and Jenny, wife of Rick Faucett (who has since passed away) for their assistance in our research.

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