I wish to thank the many many family members and others who have helped me research our family history.

Ginney Withers Faucett- Ginney created a very simple drawing of the Faucett Family as best as her research allowed before her untimely death due to cancer. I still have the original copy of the drawing in my records. It was her drawing that inspired me to purchase a computerized family database program. I started that database using her drawing. She had ?? names listed on her drawing. To date I have 1,202 (11/27/2010) people in our database.

Diana Faucett Crites-  Diana was born and raised in Russellville AR. which is only 20 miles from Atkins AR where a majority of the Faucett’s lived from 1870 to the last Faucett died (John Elmer) in 2000. Diana was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction for local research in AR. She also has some very important documents of the Faucett family. To date there are still many descendants of the Faucett’s living in Atkins AR but to my knowledge there are no more relatives baring the actual Faucett surname living in Atkins.

Deronda Jackson Woods- The Jackson family are descendants of Amanda Rachel Faucett. Deronda has done an inordinate amount of research with me on the Faucett name. She is credited with finding our descendants dating from 1823 back to the 1600’s

Dr. Mark Faucette- Instrumental in my early research. I met Mark on the Internet on an E-Bulletin Board at  Dr. Mark Faucette is an Associate Professor at the State University of West Georgia.

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